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Disciples are not super-Christians. They are followers of Jesus Christ. At the same time, disciples are more than converts. They have moved beyond profession of faith into a lifelong pursuit of living life like Jesus. Some have come to view discipleship as an extra activity for the those who have time and interest. Instead, I counter that is is a natural and intentional response to living daily with Jesus.

Church Planting

Church Planting

Church planting embodies the practical essence of the Great Commission. Irrespective of size or growth phase, each church should engage in some form of it. Declaring that every church must initiate another is impractical due to myriad variables. However, every church ought to link with gospel expansion via planting. This involvement could encompass joining a planting network, commencing a residency, collaborating with an active plant, or simply praying for planters locally or globally. Enrichment awaits existing churches that embrace church planting participation.

Lighthouse Kids

Lighthouse Kids

India is the second largest country in Population and the Growth rate is tremendously High. Major portion of the population live a poor life and because of poverty the children suffer. The privileges that a kid should have, actually in many places, do not get. Lighthouse Foundation has felt the pain and is trying to work in this area of the society. We are focused and dedicated to serve the younger generation of our society in India. We need partners to accelerate the work.

Free Medical Camps

Medical Camps

Free medical camps are crucial in North India due to several factors. The region faces inadequate healthcare infrastructure, especially in remote areas. These camps provide essential medical services to underserved communities, offering diagnosis, treatment, and preventive care. They bridge gaps in access to healthcare, addressing prevalent diseases, malnutrition, and maternal health issues. By offering medical aid to those who lack resources, these camps contribute to improving overall well-being and reducing health disparities in the region.

Food For Free

Food For Free

Our Volunteers cook food and Distributes it for Free. We do a common kitchen/canteen where food is served near Hospitals, Churches, Bus Stations & etc. to all the visitors (without distinction of background) for free. Food For Free is a Hunger relief program of Lighthouse Foundation where we feed the poor, needy & Hungry people.

Lighthouse Women

Lighthouse Women

A Women Empowerment Initiative by Lighthouse Foundation. We need resources and volunteers to continue in North India.

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Growing up in poverty, children face many challenges: hunger and health problems, limited access to education

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Lack of Resources | Poverty | Darkness | Illiteracy | Opposition to the Gospel |Persecution | Drugs & Addictions

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13 Glorious Years

The mission in North India is an incredible example of compassion and selflessness. They have shown us that through empowerment, dedication, and persistence, we can create lasting change for the better. By building new churches and promoting social harmony, the mission has not only brought spiritual health to the community but also helped strengthen relationships and foster peaceful coexistence. Their efforts towards improving healthcare, education, and living conditions have positively impacted the lives of so many people, giving them the tools they need to become more independent and break the cycle of poverty. We can all learn from the mission's dedication to helping others, and their progress gives us hope for the future. Let us all be inspired by their work and continue to strive for positive change in our own communities.




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"As the Director of NewThing, I meet lots of capable leaders all over the world. Pastor Karan is one of those leaders. I love his BIG vision to bring the Gospel to India. As one of our Global Residents he has demonstrated skill, determination and commitment to the Jesus Mission. I am grateful for the partnership between Lighthouse and NewThing. Together we will work to catalyze movements of reproducing churches all over Northern India. I sincerely recommend Pastor Karan and the work of the Lighthouse Foundation. "

I am so thankful for the Lighthouse Foundation and all they are doing for the Kingdom of God!

It is my privilege to endorse Pastor Karan and Lighthouse Foundation. He is a man of God with high integrity and a passion for lost people. This organization has touched my heart with their sincere love for Jesus and His church. They too believe that God's will is to be done in and through local churches and have committed their lives to church planting. We personally partner with Karan in India and recommend all do the same!

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Giving to missions is a truly inspiring act of kindness that has the power to transform lives and make the world a better place. Each time you give, you become an integral part of something far greater than yourself. You are investing in the future of a community and helping to create positive change that will have an impact for generations to come. So take heart and know that your generous contributions are making a profound difference in the world and the lives of those who need it most. We encourage you to continue to give to missions and be a beacon of hope for others in need. Remember, every small act of kindness can ripple out into the world and create a truly amazing and awe-inspiring impact.

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