What we Do?

Lighthouse Foundation ministry is all about Spreading the Light of Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ & transforming lives both Physically and Spiritually.

 : We strongly believe in fulfilling the Great Comission.  at the present situation of Indian politics, discipleship is what india requires. It is the way to go. We have seeN good results.

:  It is risky but risk is the other name of Faith. We do take risk and do evangelism through:

  • crusades
  • family to Families
  • one to one evangelism
  • Pamphlets Distribution
  • street preaching
  • skits
  • Through Songs & music
  • Other creative ways

: We believe all the ministry must be through the Church as in the new Testament, Church is the Instrument of God. We do church planting in two different strategies:

  • Main Churches (usually in the urban area)
  • House Churches (fellowship Groups)

We have already planted three main churches in three different states with almost 60 house Churches.

: Lighthouse kids is all about children. We take care of there NEEDS clothing, education, food etc.

: It is to provide food for the needy

: We have volunteers who run children & adults classes for the poor & needy.

: From time to time depending upon the resources we organize free medical camps according to the need in different areas.